How to get connected to the true God 2

The targets  for those  that are truly honest bold, confidence and sure that life is for them to live the everyday life,,pursue,capture, the goals rewards mentally,spiritually,physically that life render,accept it as it relates to each individual existence  and, participate in it, to the fullest well satisfied  stage,  is to believe embrace Truth, cultivate the habits Self control, self respect,respect for lawful entity .values,instincts,,tolerance for innocent godly,person property,rights,gifts, talents music comedy,money  movies, drama ,faith,color, looks,comments,views,opinions,dreams, creativity,fear,worries,complain,needs,inspiration,plights ,doubts, each persons,emotions feelings ,sentiments,  religion,ideology,doctrines,,race,institutions,nations, laws powers,agreement contract promise oaths,constitution ,commandments ,policies,cultures,traditions    , ,     firmness,   , that all things are possible with the proper approach, realistic,tested,useful ,helpful,result and rewards,award, compensation appreciative, method, right time blend with correct steps,plans place,guidelines, will receive the real hidden profits that happiness, respectful responsible,friendship profession ,health care true wealth,safe neighborhood, love, marriage sex,alcohol ,herbs,recreation,privacy,truth ,heaven,food,jobs ,is not only in  literature fairyland,desert,government,science,war resulting ffom greed,religion,tribal,power,false accusations,oppression,errors,hunger,starvation,traitors,killing,rape,illegal drugs,gangs,bandits,kidnapping,pirates,sports,racism, deception,cunning,hate ,heaven,hell,wall street,main street, politics,schools italy,america,israel,england,china,russia,saudi arabia, germany,mexico,france,argentina,iran,south africa,nigeria,senegal,zaire,indian,greek,egypt,netherland,             is worthy  to focus on actions,activities  not waste  too much time, energy ,resources  interest,on matters holding lives back,down  to one same spot position situation,circumstances,philosophy ,agenda system created by some unknow belief ,gods,energy,forces,causes,nations,person,education,       institutions,groups,persons, there's not one single person,from the time when man activity was recorded  till now and tomorrow that know what is the purpose of man,why God choses to stay away from even those that obey the commandments and it seems some see it as blasphemy,atheist,to ask questions relating to getting solutions answers ending the suffering of mankind the destruction of all things that have lives forces,but based on God why should a sound enlightened person who is connected to God take what men, women, forces,wrote without a personal confirmation from God, to be continue