what attract beggars witches evil doer traitors hypocrite cowards fear mongers saboteurs obstructionists haters liars assassins occultist thieves fanatics racist extremists addicts drunkards fraudsters criminal idiots scammers --power money power

The reader need to know there are better ways to good life .prosperity wealth good health knowing right from wrong having workable solutions, common natural  and divine sense, answers, ideology culture tradition religion technology education government commerce science  security more better than ones of the early ages-era, and the one producing the many present day evil  which is still very much active and will continue  unless good  people are made to detect who and what is the way forward,to a complete life,  the first step to a better nation, government, people, is to detect correct  expose rebuke reform  ignorant person who uses good government to become anti God america democracy the constitution freedom liberty source of income, people rights to speak worship travel gather having fair justice equal  police protection access to useful constructive helpful tools supports training , power works fine when it belong to law abiding people ,money is good when people can get their legal earned wages and spend it on their own needs.    some general reality checked is needed as it relate to man made problems destroying lives,creating hardships poverty cancer brutality depression deception cover up conspiracy fear tactics threat intimidation oppression jealousy hatred corruption dishonesty the reality here is that  there is not one single person persons groups institutions fraternity religion clubs organization that have answers to solve problems unless those that are prepared to reveal the only solution that will bring the life .