Why Reforms Is Important

Reforms can be turn around repentance change of plans heart mind thoughts ideas tactics ideology method policies errors overhauling renovation corrections research refurbish adjustments remorse tolerance caution facts settlements compensation reparation cures healing teaching preaching dealings feeding feelings resolutions fixing solutions dialogue discussion vote selection nomination election construction constructive update improvement uplifting remedies subsidy reserve. Reforms can be seen by many as an obstacles to their traditions religions education culture doctrines belief ideology personality faith wealth business politics gods family ties friends spouses race set back blockage distraction threats war evil sin diversive unreachable, likewise some will see it as important relevant useful helpful profitable refreshing progress, spiritual, faith based, innovation gift betterness development happiness victory money children wives parents properties,now taking the meaning of words very deep and implying them constructively in a positive stable frame of mind believe and realistic actions is a sign of one who understand what true reforms means ranging from GOD commandments human laws birth growth ego illusion imagination creativity insights views inspiration inner thoughts dreams visions emotion craves desirer sentiments self control stretch energy rest weakness tiredness might stamina blood in the veins sweat in the blood nature death laws air water heat sands plants animals suns moons stars space all must partake in the final reforms, method like cunning trick hate fear jealousy retaliation obstruction oppression destruction segregation injustice unfairness sin attacks evil wickedness abuse rape killing conspiracy cover up abetting aiding traitorship hypocrisy fear tactics war mongering towards GOD people mostly especially towards black male all kinds of races, people male female even blacks females, all kind of people ranging from wealthy public figures, tea party republicans democrats libertarian independent green party,evangelicals catholics islam orthodox biafra pentecostals government officials,some elected selected nominated social activist,singers preachers musicians dancers talk show host doctors pastors imam atheist false christians false moslem false jews russians chinese indians europeans africans persian asians arabs middle easterners americans mongols barbarians occultist separatist militants drug traffickers terrorist extremist hindus krishna freemasons amoc jujurist unbelievers criminal nazists communist socialist radio and tv commentators news casters business owners bankers educators trade shows hoteliers car rentals pharmacy cruise freightliners retails stores airliners payday loans,real estate car dealers internet provider wireless carrier credit score rating insurance sales charities donations collections taxes entitlements payments services, Reforms is something beyond men who are using religion to promote hate racism white suppremcy division of persons among each other the have and the have and the have nots,poor rich, black and white male and female inserting choas confusion poverty hardship dishonesty fraud crime fear distrust creulty starvation deception suffering pains agonies evil systematics killings of black people mostly black male. in a GOD society where there will be equality love happiness in a legal balanced real society where all human suffering will disappear some group of persons are not fit to hold any elected nominated, select, public, position office either in congress presidency court law enforcements,some of these persons are anti america, GOD love equality growth development correct useful information,constructive ideas policies to help the america people lives health care, protecting the innocent citizens black male women children from exploiters,false accusers arresters false preachers educators business schools homeowners landlords gas station airlines rapist drug smugglers traffickers counterfeiters intimidators criminals haters nazists racists dupers corrupts persons bribers liars women abusers con congress members, fear mongers, greedy dishonest law breakers deceivers cheaters that do not have respect for established laws they will go unreforms unless the advanced minds tolerant cool temper and have the law of the land as a standard to measure all human not using american laws and the name of GOD to use to try to destroy law abiding people.may God will be done and let truth prevail for all americans.