What Do They Have In Common And The Trusted workable Solutions To All part .1

Pride ego eat alone insanity lawlessness inequality bribery
corruption beastly intolerance   poverty conspiracy cover up aiding and abetting  deception racism  terrorist dishonesty confusion law breakers domestic violence illnesses   idiots traitors cowards economical political educational religion cultural governmental  saboteurs,radicals bully  occultist  extremists lunatics addicts rapists child molesters gossipers haters war mongers false hood false witness false arrest sinners unrighteous outdated expired unsustainable unworkable dubious inhuman ideology philosophy tradition instincts  reasoning dialogue discussion  fraudsters scammers injustice evil doer wickedness cruelty against human black people children female disorderly conducts abused of office position power privilege knowledge idea doctrine gift talent race skin color nationality language looks height weight  network criminals gangs oppressors suppressors murderer traffickers forgers counterfeiters pirates obstructionist blockers tricksters cunning thieves thugs rogues incompetency negligence hot temper intimidation fear tactics witchcraft antitrust God   recklessness  bad manner deceit  ungodly tight fist hunger glutton unruly behavior, ignorance chaos unreasonable unrealistic lies diseases virus.                                                                                                                                                                                                  The trusted workable solutions are not obtainable through endless unthinkable war based on ignorant fear weak minds self wealth accumulation at the head neck shoulder of good law abiding  people grace of God natural law wisdom common and divine sense realistic endeavors starting with respect compassion self control sound mind rich judgement fairness