The Making of Progress the right way

In an attempt to discover their callings and obtain the most suitable means to live a better physical mental and spiritual life, some people will settled for anything in as much they reason they can have what society define as the good things of life or when they are are being framed to accept,trust live align themselves with formats that are to known not elevate the present system and are being misinformed,mislead, deceived,oppress, terrorised snub,killed be methods persons and group of persons militants groups partiess newscasters,nations religion schools music sport bodies association sects cults organization networks destructive confusing misleading set back abusive harmful useless aimless pointless intimidating unworkable hurtful threats beliefs politics government crime evil goodness policies security marriage child bearing sex luxury science entertainments fear sports housing banking method philosophy ideology doctrines culture education religion tactics schemes business unions cunning knowledge health care technology journalism secret service court When some people think is only when other people are in tough times passing hardship of life going through hell from every possible avenue,then is right for them to claim the heart of the less fortunate is there any where in the universe or space where people that are arrogant unstable an addicts unruly irresponsible rude hopeless clueless faithless wicked sinner evil doers anti GOD anti blacks anti american anti true wealth marriage truth prosperity justice tomorrow laws equality love peace everlasting life crooks liars debtors beggars traitors rapists child molesters addicts extremist bigotry wives beaters lunatics fanatics radicals fraudsters corrupt killers cowards,gossip conspiracy cover up intolerance but making progress the right way has to do with total seeking for forgiveness from GOD and making true reforms by some of the world rulers leaders clergy public figures wealthy and poor people, alike judges army,police through a turn around is possible to take the first by understanding that all human are entitled to receive legal access to good government rulers good police force safe community. clean water housing electricity food rights to vote speak ask question,movement. be creative to love and be loved, to get protection from wicked persons terrorist reckless persons to be able carry armies in their private homes property mobility housing lines of credit proper place of worship socializing cash job without hindrance obstacles rejection segregation hate intimidation bribery nepotism dishonesty lies false pretense hypocrisy false arrest accusation fear tactics deception blockage to correct useful news information food happiness let those who are presently entrusted to have the voice office power position media wealth tools services goods ideas skills religion books music blogs talents to render it in a more godly organize workable legal responsible constructive positive war free attainable formats because the making of progress must be done the right way through tolerance obedient of GOD law laws of man and of nature vote right be good and reforms the innocent and protect the law abiding hard working good citizens regardless of who they are color skin eyes sexual gender height weight wealth position religion education connection nationality party affiliation.