The global blunder about GOD Human and unseen forces.

those that are the so called expert on international affairs religion affairs politics truth immigration refugee needy lunatics poor sex marriage guns abortion rape real estate banking credit reporting killing stealing false witness false accusation frauds nepotism bribery corruptions extremism,terrorism racism war science technology climate media agriculture,governmental educational charities military equality justice fairness unity liberty sports are no more entitled to be given free pass to do,promulgate,established promote enforced whatever ideas, opinions, method, system,logic debate arguments, policies, laws, orders, relating to any living persons missions purpose because it seems this so called experts are blind due to dishonesty racism ungodly attitude, spiritual blindness their usefulness has made their workable solutions expired and they are now supporters of persons nations groups religions who are breeders of racist, terrorist,traitors extremist corruptions fraudsters anti GOD anti america marriage, equality,fairness justice blockers obstructionist of law abiding people, now reality and the wraths of their own deception hypocrisy bribery greed cunning ego unruly behaviour un control beastly sexual style, false accusation,false witness killing ignorant actions immorality cover up propaganda caught up with them of is time for reality check exposing the haters the instigators backers of fraudsters fakers incompetency traitors the real problem causers, anti america GOD wealth good health happiness good governments, what are the people of good reasoning civility responsible utterances self control with good cause are left with is to have tolerance for fellow citizens must focus on here on is to stop electing nominating supporting working persons religions business education sports music traditions science charity policies laws that advocate for revolts sabotage disobeying GOD whose intent is to kill those who they see as not popular not famous not rich not affiliated to them either in politics doctrines skin color GOD can not and will never be understood by this people who are blind to the unseen forces, energy that have taken control and are protecting the good people,beware of those who where once oppressed, who themselves where once refugees,strangers,needy are now the same one that want the good people to talk like but do not be like them keep doing creative and common sense steps actions have self control,do not talk reason react walk or look like them because everything about words,wehere created to mislead oppressed suppressed blocks obstructs good people, words like doctrines ideology money capitalism democracy conservatism socialism atheist bigotry semitics jokers drunkards return our country back is a terms refering to those that are aidding and abetting the colonial masters who are directly or indirectly still paying aligances to the racist cruel masters who ruled before indepence.